CCS Kudos

The Carmel Clay School Board of Education often times receives positive feedback from stakeholders about CCS employees and their commitment and dedication.  The School Board wants to publicly acknowledge these employees by issuing a CCS Kudos.  That Kudos will be included in a weekly distribution notification as well as a posting on this site.

If you would like to share your positive CCS employee experience with the school board, please email us today!

The School Board would like to recognize the hard work and dedication brought to their attention from the Carmel community. Kudos to:

2017-18 Kudos

Carmel High School: Stephanie Payne, Greer Trapkus-Harris, Jacleen Joiner, Paige Wehr, Sara Knoop, Kate Kneifel, Kyle Barker, Dave Romano, Cathleen Johnson, Carmel High School Choir, Mike Wyatt, Carson Malone, Marlin Moore, CHS Media Center, Allison Hargrove, Cathleen Whitted, Tracie Smoot, Caren Katuin, David Mikesell, Gordon Copee, David James, Allison Malloy, Mike Pote

Carmel Middle School: Dana Goldman, Jacob Leski*, Joe Lavelle, Connie Peregrin, Kristen Taylor,

Clay Middle School: Chad Carr

Creekside Middle School: Krsiten Sprunger

Carmel Elementary: Ann Skelton, Linda Davis, Azure Arena, Tonya Morris, Donna Quilligan

Cherry Tree Elementary: Katelyn Currier

College Wood Elementary:

Forest Dale Elementary: Alison Wren, Karen Duffy, Juli Sipe, Julie Arnold, Kim Smith

Mohawk Trails Elementary: Tim Sharkey, Rhonda Walsh, Erin Gabey*, Suzy Dobbs, Michelle Curran, Kathleen Davis

Orchard Park Elementary: Julia Walker

Prairie Trace Elementary: Tom Gioe, Cathy Hardwick, Gary Hoyt, Deborah Duncan, Peggy Ennis, Christine Love, Stewart Smith, Rachel Green, Amanda Dillon, Jenn Marshall, Molly Cason, Claire Edwards, Suzan Feuer, Sara Harding, Lauren Tobin

Smoky Row Elementary: Emily Kremer, Moira Bradley, Aleks Johnson, Alexis Silvius, Melissa Moore, Diana Dine, Kate Scott, Ross Miller, Angie Towle, Tammy Dillon

Towne Meadow Elementary: Kathy Joest, Maricela Mayhugh, Carrie Tester, Elizabeth Onofrey

West Clay Elementary: Barb Neukam, Alex Walker

Woodbook Elementary: Jamie Barnes

Transportation: Rhonda Brandt, Sarah Grubbs, Transportation and Facilities Department

Food Services:

Technology: Terry Sturgeon*, Madonna Gumm*, Tracey Barney**, Rebecca Peavler, Greg Wilson, Scott Farrell*, Kate Masterson*, Eric Cronin, Eric Quinn, Aaron Claus, Barry Neuman, Terry Howell,

Edu-Care: Deserae Clark, Cori Napoli, Jessica Gebuhr, Melissa Sommer

Educational Services Center: Jared Piper, Gaye Kerschner, Ann Sweet, Jill Miller, Diane Matthews, Becky Barker


*denotes multiple kudos received throughout the school year