Clay Middle School Custodian Kevin Deloach Named 2019 CCS Support Staff of the Year

Carmel, IN –Clay Middle School Custodian Kevin Deloach has been named the 2019 Support Staff Employee of the Year for Carmel Clay Schools. Deloach was awarded the honor during a surprise ceremony at Clay Middle School.

Deloach has been a custodian at Clay Middle School since 2007. During the nomination process, Mr. Deloach received an impressive 55 nominations from staff and students. These nominations described Mr. Deloach as a humble, kind, caring and hardworking individual who is a role model to students and staff.

“Every single day, Kevin always asks me and many others how they are doing,” said one student nomination. “He always listens and gives great advice when you need it. Kevin has a positive outlook on every aspect of life and never leaves things unfinished, and always puts every ounce of himself into his job. I want to be like Kevin when I am older. I want to be kind, hardworking, humble, patient, wise, caring and empathetic.”

Clay Middle School Principal Todd Crosby congratulated Deloach on the honor.  “Kevin is truly one of a kind,” he said. “He is a genuine example of how one person can impact so many people. People matter to Kevin and it shows through his kind gestures and positive attitude. The little things he does in addition to his daily work responsibilities are priceless. He lives out the Clay Way each and every day and helps make Clay Middle School the best it can be. We cannot thank Kevin enough for all that he does for our students, staff and entire school community!”

Support Staff Member of the Year nominations are made by students, parents and colleagues each spring. A selection committee consisting of support staff and administrators review the nominations, conduct interviews with both the candidates’ principal and a nominator, and then selects the recipient of the award.