Panorama Education Survey

As we continue to navigate the first months of school, we feel that it’s important to gather feedback from our students as we strive to provide social, emotional, and academic support during the school year. Therefore, on Monday, September 14th we will launch a survey through Panorama Education, an evidence-based survey platform that provides valid and reliable feedback, in order to gather information on our students' unique experiences returning to school. The survey will close on Friday, September 25th. The data collected from these surveys will be utilized in three ways: 

  • To evaluate students’ experiences returning to school; 
  • To identify ongoing district-wide and building-based supports throughout the year; 
  • To inform future communication strategies with students and families.

We look forward to learning about our students’ unique views and experiences as we work together to continue to provide the best educational opportunities and social and emotional support for all students. 

We invite parents of children in grades 3-12 to review the survey included below:

If you would like to learn more about the Panorama Platform and Survey, please watch our overview video.