Redistricting Information

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Public Feedback Survey  


  • Why is redistricting necessary?

Due to the two new elementary schools being built and a change in school-age populations (both increases and decreases in various parts across the district), redistricting is necessary so that resources are more evenly spread across the district.

  • Will my school be affected by the redistricting?

Because of the scope of this redistricting, all elementary and middle school boundaries have the potential to be redistricted. 

  • When will the new boundaries go into effect?

Any new boundaries will be effective starting the 2021-2022 school year.

  • What are my options if I do not want to change schools?

We understand that your family is connected to your child's school. A sense of pride, loyalty and comfort is exactly what we strive for in our relationships across the CCS Family. At this time, we are unable to commit to any special circumstances. 

  •  Are you making exceptions for next year's 5th graders or 8th graders who want to stay for one more year? 

Our 5th and 8th graders will be allowed to stay at their current school. However, transportation will not be guaranteed. 

  • How will this impact the middle schools in the district? 

Because all elementary schools are expected to be impacted, we also anticipate our middle schools will be affected, as well. We will know more as the various scenarios are created as to whether middle school feeder schools will be impacted. 

  • Will my child be able to tour his or her new school before attending next year?

Yes! We will be providing opportunities to have you and your child visit their new school (assuming social distancing allows for in-person tours) to help with the transition. We will send out dates as available.

  • Will the Pre-Kindergarten classes currently at Orchard Park Elementary move to the new elementary?

Yes, Clay Center Elementary will offer the Pre-Kindergarten classes starting 2021-2022.

  • How can I provide feedback?

Our partners at Cooperative Strategies are responsible for data collection, analysis, as well as gathering public feedback and incorporating into their recommended scenarios. Their website will provide dates and times for multiple public forums. Once preliminary scenarios are available, you will also be able to submit your online feedback via the Cooperative Strategies site.

Cooperative Strategies Website

  • What exactly is the process for online feedback?

On October 26, the newly updated scenarios will be available for review. Residents will be able to review the districtwide boundaries, as well as enter specific addresses to see how they might be impacted. The public will then be able to leave comments/ratings per scenario. 

  • What will be different at the in-person Community Meeting?

The main difference will be the environment and ability for immediate feedback. However, comments and concerns are weighted no differently whether received online or in-person. In fact, online submissions are guaranteed to be noted and submitted to CCS, while in-person comments may be limited due to time limits and/or attendance. 

  • Is there a Community Meeting on November 3? 

No, this meeting was cancelled due to the election and estimated attendance.

  • How do I request a ticket to the Community Meeting?

Once the updated scenarios are released on October 26, you will have the opportunity to view and make comment online. The system will then allow you to request a ticket if you are interested. Requests will be taken until the morning of November 2. If more people request a ticket than available, a lottery will be used to select participants.