Strategic Plan


Dr. Beresford

This 2022-2025 Strategic Plan lays out the vision and goals for Carmel Clay Schools over the next three years. The plan focuses on four fundamental priorities: Student Learning, Student Support, Employee Growth & Satisfaction, and Enhanced Operations.

I encourage everyone to examine our strategic examples and key measures. Our goal is to provide the community with a blueprint to ensure all students are prepared for a successful future in this ever-changing world. A Strategic Plan is a critical tool to steer our district in tangible, deliverable ways. 

Finally, we want to thank you for your partnership in making Carmel Clay Schools a special place for students to learn and grow. We do not take for granted our high level of parental involvement, our committed staff, and our exceptional students who embody the motto, "Together We Achieve."

Thank you for the opportunity to showcase our plan to ensure that Carmel Clay Schools remains a leader in education for years to come.

Dr. Michael Beresford

The Carmel Clay Board of School Trustees is proud to support the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.

As elected representatives of the community, the Strategic Plan is an essential guidepost for the oversight, accountability, and future goal-setting of this board.

"The Strategic Plan is anchored by the CCS Guiding Principles and keeps students at the center of every decision to build upon current accomplishments and create a lasting positive impact."

Katie Browning
School Board President

CCS Guiding Principles

  • Students are at the center of every decision.

  • A safe, non-threatening learning environment is essential.

  • Students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical needs must be addressed.
  • Students and employees excel when held to high personal standards and expectations.
  • High-quality employees are vital to the success of our organization.
  • Effective teaching and learning requires continuous improvement.
  • Diverse opportunities benefit all students.
  • Open and transparent communication maintains stakeholder trust.
  • Parent and community involvement enhances student learning.
  • Fiscal responsibility is fundamental to achieving our vision. 

Strategic Plan (Text Only)