CCS Wants to Be...The Best at Getting Better!

This year, a friend shared a conversation and a quote with me about, “Being the Best at Getting Better!” The more I pondered on it and shared it with the team, it became clear that it should become this year's theme. At CCS, we want to be...“The Best at Getting Better!”

It seems like everyone wants to be the best, but defining and measuring that standard is subjective. Most of the time it causes us to compare ourselves to others and unfortunately, creates winners and losers. I like the concept of “The Best at Getting Better” because every member of the CCS family can focus on a commitment to continuous individual and team improvement. If we continue to improve, no one has to worry about winning or losing because success will take care of itself.

I believe a lot of our anxiety these days comes from constantly comparing ourselves to one another. Focusing on individual and team improvement takes that pressure away.

The conclusion: Everyone has something to improve upon. No one is perfect, so let’s work on getting better in our individual skill sets and in our learning communities. This way, we can move forward both personally and as a team. Most importantly, our kids get the best we have to give!

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