Communication Expectations

This Board Expects: 

  1. Board members will redirect all inquiries from CCS staff members and stakeholders to the superintendent and other board members.  The superintendent will keep the board informed of subsequent follow-up.
  2. A regular communication from the superintendent on a weekly basis.
  3. To be notified via email and phone (if necessary) as soon as possible for:
    1. School emergency (lock down, fire, etc.)
    2. Student emergency (arrest, injury, death, etc.)
    3. Staff emergency (arrest, injury, death, etc.)
  4. To receive board documents via BoardDocs, the Wednesday before the scheduled board meeting.
  5. Board members will receive the same information:
    1. One member’s request for additional information results in all members receiving or having the same access to the information.
    2. Special communications are done for all board members.
  6. Board members will treat each other and staff with respect.
  7. The superintendent and staff will treat all board members with respect.
  8. Reasonable requests for additional information will be satisfied in a timely manner.
  9. No surprises!

This Superintendent Expects: 

  1. Board members will inform the superintendent when they are visiting the schools.
  2. Requests for additions to the agenda will be received at least seven (7) days before the meeting.
  3. Direction is given when a majority* of the board votes to give direction, or when there is a clear consensus from the board directing the superintendent.
  4. Board members will be respectful towards the staff and superintendent, and also respectful of their time.
  5. Board members will read all supporting documentation before the board meeting.
  6. Board members will contact superintendent or board president with questions about agenda items or supporting materials by 8:00 a.m., Monday, after they receive BoardDocs.
  7. No surprises!

*Majority is defined as 3 or more board members