Front Office

Absence, Late Arrival, Early Pickup

24-hour Attendance Voice Mail: (317) 846-7331

Please call before 9:00 AM and select OPTION 1 if:

  • Your student will be ABSENT.
  • Your student will be LATE. Note: Students must arrive by 12:00pm to participate in an extracurricular activity.
  • Your student is leaving school EARLY.

To Leave a Message:

  1. Say and spell the student’s last name.
  2. Say the first name.
  3. State the reason for absence, late arrival or early dismissal.
  4. State the pick-up time for early dismissal.

Note: A late phone call is better than no phone call. Call with attendance changes any time of day.

Early Dismissal From School

Only a parent, guardian or emergency contact may pick up a student early from school.  Make sure information is accurate and up-to-date in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Emergency contacts are required to show identification.

IMPORTANT:  Students leaving school early are responsible for keeping track of the time and letting their teacher know when they need to leave the classroom.  The front office prefers not to call classrooms and interrupt instructional time.

Updating Student Information

To update contact information, emergency contacts, or medication information for your student, login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Late Bus

  • The Late Bus is not available until further notice.