AVID is a program that began in 1980 to support students in learning how to academically perform at their best, participate in challenging curriculum, and prepare for entrance into a four year college or university upon graduation. AVID is growing every year! Today, AVID impacts more than 1.2 million students in 44 states and 16 other countries/territories. AVID students must have the desire and determination to do what it takes to accomplish their goals and make dreams of success a reality. It is a rigorous elective students commit to for one year in the middle school and requires support from parents, teachers, and the student to be successful.

Middle School Goals

  • Utilize basic organizational skills
  • Maintain good test scores & GPA
  • Learn self-advocacy skills
  • Employ academic interventions
  • Develop speaking skills
  • Research colleges & careers
  • Explore self-awareness
  • Participate in challenging classes


Who are AVID students?

To enter the program, students may fit into one or more of the categories below.

  • Must be a current 7th or 8th grade student (6th grade has a 9 week exploratory option)
  • Average to above average GPA
  • Passing ISTEP and NWEA scores
  • Good attendance and discipline record
  • Potential to take and pass college level or advanced courses with support
  • Have a strong desire to advance their education and attend college in the future

What does a typical week look like?

AVID is a year-long elective class. Students receive academic instruction in writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. Students also receive support in note-taking skills, study strategies, organizational support, and involvement in a college-going culture. In a typical week, students work on tutorials, binder evaluation, and AVID curriculum. AVID also includes speakers, field trips, team building, and other motivational activities.

What are tutorials?

AVID believes in giving students the tools necessary to find solutions on their own. Therefore, tutorials are facilitated using the Socratic method of inquiry. Once each week, students bring to class questions from their academic classes and work in small groups, facilitated by college students and adult tutors, and utilize their class notes, textbooks, and peers to solve their problem. The objective is to ensure students understand how to find their point of confusion in academic lessons, articulate this to their group, collaborate effectively with peers, and use inquiry and higher level thinking skills.

What is WICOR?

The AVID curriculum, based on rigorous standards, was developed by middle and senior high school teachers in collaboration with college professors. All lessons utilize WICOR strategies, which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. These are the major components any successful student will need to master for a post-secondary education. AVID strategies and methodologies are not only used in the AVID elective, but all content areas.