Required Forms

Prior to participation in athletics at Carmel Middle School, each athlete must complete and submit a current physical form and athletic consent form. Please turn the physical form in to the front office several weeks prior to the beginning of the season. Forms only need to be completed once for the 2019-2020 school year.

Further information on how to fill out the forms is available.

Participation Requirements

Physical Examination

Students desiring to participate in interscholastic athletics must undergo a physical examination performed by a licensed medical doctor (M.D.) prior to the first practice or tryout session of any sport.  The physical form, which must be signed by the M.D., may be obtained from the athletic office or the main office of Carmel Middle School.  The doctor’s signature must be dated May 1 or later of the current school year to be valid.  The student must complete the medical history and sign it to be eligible for participation.  Reduced-price physicals are provided to our athletes by St. Vincent Sports Medicine each spring.  Announcements will be made after spring vacation regarding dates and times.

Athletic Consent Form

A completed Consent Form must be on file in the athletic office prior to the first day of practice/tryouts.


CMS coaches and trainers are safety conscious and are trained to instruct athletes in the safe a proper techniques for each sport.  Due to the nature of physical activity, injuries may occur.  Parents are required to have an insurance policy to cover athletic injuries and the cost of the treatment should an injury occur while participating in a sport at Carmel Middle School.  Neither Carmel Middle School nor the Carmel Clay Schools carry any kind of first dollar medical insurance for athletic injuries.

Academic Eligibility

In order to participate on a Carmel Middle School athletic team, each athlete must have satisfied all of the scholastic requirements: maintain a 2.0 GPA and receive no more than one failing mark.

Handbook Awareness

Athletes and their parents are expected to read the CMS Athletics handbook prior to involvement with the athletics program. It is important to understand the expectations and policies for athletes participating at Carmel Middle School.  In addition to CMS policies, one section of the handbook covers training rules for all Carmel Clay Schools athletes in grades 6-12.