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CHS Culinary Arts


Carmel High School's Culinary Program has been cooking up great opportunities and delicious dishes! Culinary Arts, part of the CHS Polytechnic Department, offers students an exciting avenue to explore their passion for cooking and develop invaluable life skills. This innovative program provides multiple levels of courses, allowing students to chart their own path toward a potential culinary career or simply gain a lifelong skill with a fun, hands-on elective.

Culinary Arts

CHS senior Scout Phillips has taken culinary arts courses for three years. Scout is a shining example of how the program empowers students to pursue their passions alongside rigorous academics. When not furthering his passion for baking specifically, he is taking AP Statistics, AP Governments, and Biomedical Science. His dedication to honing his culinary skills has not only enriched his high school experience but has also opened doors to exciting career opportunities.

While Scout is not committed to a future in the culinary arts, he also works a part-time position at the esteemed high-end Carmel restaurant, Osteria. This position is a testament to the solid foundation provided by Carmel High School's Culinary Program.

Culinary Arts Courses & Graduation Pathway:

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts
  • Advanced Nutrition & Wellness: Baking
  • Advanced Nutrition & Wellness: Regional American & International Foods
  • Nutrition & Wellness: Senior
  • *Principles of Culinary Arts
  • *Culinary A & B
  • *Culinary Capstone

*Notes required courses for the Culinary Arts Graduation Pathway. Carmel High School currently offers 20+ Graduation Pathways, which are electives selected in a deliberate manner to take full advantage of college and career exploration and preparation opportunities.   

For more information about the program please review the CHS Program of Studies

Culinary Boosters

The Culinary Program has a supportive and growing booster network. To learn more about how you can support the culinary program or participate in an upcoming and delicious event, please visit www.carmelculinaryboosters.com.