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EdTech CCS: What is the TLE Seal?

What is the TLE Seal?

TLE stands for Trusted Learning Environment and is the principal data privacy framework developed for K-12 education systems in the country. CoSN, the Consortium for School Networking, worked to develop the seal with a nationwide group of school systems and professional organizations such as the School Superintendents Association and the Association of School Business Officials International. 

Applicants for the seal must demonstrate a solid commitment to data privacy across five domains. The twenty-five unique practices are spread across the domains of Leadership, Business, Data Security, Professional Development, and Classroom. 

One of the first steps Carmel Clay Schools has initiated in pursuing the TLE seal is to ensure we have a data privacy agreement with every school vendor that might have access to student data. 

What exactly is a data privacy agreement? We will address more on data privacy and share resources, tips and tricks, and helpful research as we continue this series on EdTech at Carmel Clay Schools. 

For more information about CoSN and the TLE seal, visit https://www.cosn.org/edtech-topics/trusted-learning-environment/.

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