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Commitment to Academic Excellence

Carmel Clay Schools is not focused on academics. 

Fiction. Carmel Clay Schools is an A-rated, high-performing school district that is consistently ranked in the top three school systems in the state. The city of Carmel is a highly desired destination for families because of the exceptional academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs we offer. 

Understanding ILEARN Results

ILEARN is the statewide test that replaced ISTEP in the 2018-2019 school year. ISTEP and ILEARN are completely different tests and scores cannot be directly compared. The proficiency scores have also been incorrectly translated to letter grades. ILEARN scores are not out of 100 points. The percentage is the number of students who met the state benchmark for proficiency. For example, 69.9% of CCS students were proficient in Math across the district. The statewide average is 39.4%. Students did not receive a 69% or a 39%. 

To demonstrate the consistency of Carmel Clay Schools from ISTEP to ILEARN, we can review the percent difference between the state and CCS results. For example, analyzing the combined ELA and Math scores for both ISTEP and ILEARN, it is clear that CCS is consistently 28-29% more proficient than the state average. 

ILEARN Difference Slide

ILEARN Spring 2022 Scores 

  • ELA & Math combined - Carmel Clay Schools 58.9%
    • Indiana average 30.2%
    • CCS ranked 2nd in public schools, 3rd overall
  • ELA - Carmel Clay Schools 67.7%
    • Indiana average 41.2%
    • CCS ranked 2nd in public schools, 4th overall
  • Math - Carmel Clay Schools 69.9%
    • Indiana average 39.4%
    • CCS ranked 3rd in public schools, 4th overall
SAT In School Graph


SAT Seniors
SAT Senior Math

Our students experienced similar challenges to the rest of the country during the pandemic and we are proud of our teachers and staff who have worked to identify and address any sustained losses. We believe that in the wake of the pandemic, we all ought to come together to strengthen our support systems that lead to academic success. 

We also recognize the need to close achievement gaps by providing increasing engagement and differentiated learning opportunities for all students. By eliminating the barriers and ensuring access to rigorous content, we can ensure all students have the support needed to be successful.

Working with classroom teachers, counselors and administration, we have been developing real-time, data-driven systems to identify and monitor potential achievement gaps and provide early intervention for students in need of additional support.  

Assessment results and data are all available at the Indiana Department of Education