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Homecoming Fundraiser is a Team Effort
Animal Playhouse 1
Animal Playhouse 2
Animal Playhouse 3

For years, the annual playhouse decorating and auction have been a favorite homecoming tradition. This year, however, there was a fun and educational twist. 

With supply issues and increased building costs, Engineering & Technology Department Chair, Sid Swartzendruber, came up with a plan to save around $5,000 and eliminate the need to buy blank playhouses. 

Instead of large, expensive playhouses, Mr. Swartzendruber incorporated the design and modeling of an animal playhouse into the coursework for his Senior Engineering Design and Development Class.

Design Students

Engineering Design and Development students Samantha Walz, Will Garner, and Matthew Soyka designed the animal playhouse using Autodesk Inventor to create the CAD.


With the CAD models set, John Coghlan's Advanced Manufacturing Technology class got to work. They created the kits and built the playhouses that were used Wednesday night in the annual decorating contest. Each class, along with a staff entry, decorates its playhouse and proudly displays its masterpiece during homecoming festivities. 

"I think it was a great first year and we all were inspired with even more ideas for next year," said Mr. Swartzendruber.   

More information can be found on the Playhouse Facebook page. Bids are accepted via email at rglicksb@ccs.k12.in.us until midnight on September 30, 2022. All proceeds benefit Carmel Youth Assistant Program. 

To learn more about all the Engineering & Technology, courses please review the 2022-2023 Program of Studies.