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Indiana Science Olympiad Champions

Congratulations to the CHS Science Olympiad team who competed in the Indiana State Tournament on Saturday, March 20. The team, with sponsor Cyndy Henry, came in first overall and qualified for the National Tournament! Congratulations to the team and the following individual winners.

1st place:

Botany - Krish Jayarapu and Jinhee Won

Codebusters - Rhea Acharya, Lillian He and Lalith Roopesh

Designer Genes - Krish Jayarapu and Jinhee Won

Dynamic Planet - Raghav Sriram and Jingyu Xiao

Experimental Design - Rhea Acharya, Briana Chen and Shrithan Sandadi

Forensics - Lillian He and Olivia White

Fossils - Annie Kim and Daniel Tian

Geologic Mapping - Lalith Roopesh and Raghav Sriram

Ornithology - Krish Jayarapu and Annie Kim

Sounds of Music - Tyler Dierckman and Daniel Tian

Water Quality - Raghav Sriram and Jingyu Xia


2nd place:

Anatomy and Physiology - Archit Kalra and Jinhee Won

Astronomy - Briana Chen and Shrithan Sandadi

Chemistry Lab - Daniel Tian and Shrithan Sandadi

Circuit Lab - Rhea Acharya and Kevin Wang

Detector Building - Tyler Dierckman and Olivia White

Disease Detectives - Olivia White and Jinhee Won

Machines - Tyler Dierckman and Kevin Wang

Protein Modeling - Lillian He, Krish Jayarapu and Archit Kalra


6th place:  

Write It-Do It - Briana Chen and Annie Kim