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Retiring Art Teacher Leaves a Lasting Impact
Phil Lamie

Mr. Phil Lamie is retiring after 22 years of bringing art and culture to the students and community of Towne Meadow Elementary. Mr. Lamie is a known quiet, self-effacing professional artist who does not seek the spotlight or praise for his work. His talent and impact cannot be ignored, however.

"Phil uses his own inspiration in art and culture to encourage the students at Towne Meadow to create art that is layered with meaning and detail. This approach allows the student artist and the viewer to find the developing story in each piece and how it connects to life." ~ Andrew Himelick, Music Teacher

"He is a very humble man who loves working with children and sharing his love of art. Mr. Lamie works hard to help every child feel successful. Through collaborative pieces, he has helped every student leave their mark on our school." ~ Nikki Raasch, Principal

Phil Lamie

"Phil built such a culture of art here at TME, and it clearly shows as you walk through our hallways with artwork done by the kids inspired by their art teacher, Mr. Lamie. He not only inspired the students but gave them the tools needed to be artists - everything from a simple q-tip to clay and wire." ~ Mindy Bland, Media Specialist

"Phil is a very humble artist. He makes each and every child feel successful in his class. He has a true talent in art as well as in building relationships with students. He has been a pillar here at Towne Meadow and will be missed by students and staff!" ~Lindsey Putman, Interventionist Specialist

To learn more about Phil Lamie and see some of the work he and his students have created, check out this video profile from 2019.