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WHJE - National Radio Station of the Year 2021

Congratulations to the following winners and runner-ups at this year's Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) Awards. 

Individual Winners

BEST SPECIALTY MUSIC SHOW                            Ethan Meneghini

BEST LIVE MUSIC BROADCAST                            Ella Carlson & Alex Ferrell

MOST CREATIVE/INNOVATIVE SHOW                  Elizabeth Kneifel

BEST CELEBRITY/BAND INTERVIEW                    Wil Courtney

BEST RADIO DRAMA                                               Skylar Greaves & Via Sarjent

BEST DOCUMENTARY                                            Wil Courtney

BEST PUBLIC-AFFAIRS PROGRAM                       Chris Elmore

BEST COMEDY PROGRAM                                     Evan Sanders

BEST ON-AIR PLEDGE DRIVE                                Jessica Cooper

BEST PUBLIC SERVICE PROMOTION                   Maylee O'Brien

BEST SHOW PROMOTIONAL POSTER                 Hali Papacharalambous & Caroline Houck

BEST CAMPUS NEWS COVERAGE                       Austin Rubin

BEST POLITICAL NEWS COVERAGE                    Sean Grove

BEST SPOT NEWS INTERVIEW                             Caroline Houck

BEST SHOW PROMO                                              Wil Courtney

BEST PBP - FOOTBALL                                           Luke Donovan

BEST PBP - MEN'S BASKETBALL                           David Weiderhaft

BEST PBP SOCCER                                                 Joe Cronin

BEST SPORTS INTERVIEW                                     Luke Donovan

BEST SPORTS PRE/POST-GAME SHOW              Zach Browning & Joe Cronin

BEST STATION BLOG                                              Katelyn Conley

BEST USE OF VIDEO IN A RADIO STUDIO            Kendall Frobig


Runners Up


BEST ON-AIR PERSONALITY                                 Jessica Cooper

BEST TALK PROGRAM                                           Caroline Houck & Hali Papacharalambous

BEST SPECIALTY SHOW                                        Chris Elmore, David Weiderhaft, Clayton Walker

BEST COMMUNITY PERSONALITY                       Jessica Cooper

BEST NEWSCAST                                                   Deaglan Anderson

BEST NEWS FEATURE STORY                              Harel Halevi

BEST PROMO SERIES                                            Skylar Greaves & Via Sarjent

BEST STATION PROMO                                          Devin Ascioti

BEST EVENT PROMO                                             Kayla Gaerte

BEST PSA                                                                 Elizabeth Kneifel

BEST USE OF SOUND EFFECTS                           Aidan Hurley

BEST STATION ID                                                    Joanna Thornburg

BEST SPORTS TALK PROGRAM                            Caroline Houck & Charlie Huiras

BEST SPORTS UPDATE                                          David Weiderhaft

BEST WEBSITE                                                        Molly Kosiba

BEST USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA                                Elizabeth Kneifel

BEST PBP - WOMEN'S BASKETBALL                    Charlie Maurer