Student Clubs

Leadership Team

Leadership Team is an organization for 3rd-5th graders. Students are chosen to represent Carmel Elementary based on submitted applications. In order to involve more students, we will collect applications for a FALL Leadership Team and a SPRING Leadership Team. It is our goal to set a positive example for others, put forth outstanding academic effort, and promote activities to benefit our communities. Some of the events we promote include Red Ribbon Week, Hats for Hunger, CE's Food Drive, and a Valentine’s Sale.

Eligible Grades: Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Kristen Nilo


News Crew

News Crew is a semester-long commitment for fifth grade students at CE. Applications are available online at the beginning of each semester. Students selected will take turns being on and off camera, writing scripts, and producing our daily live announcements. As a News Crew member, fifth graders must be leaders inside and outside of the classroom. No experience is necessary. Calendars and schedules will be available on the News Crew Canvas page.

Eligible Grades: Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Karen Najjar

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is made up of fifth graders that help with bus and carpool safety before and after school. This is a fun way to get involved and be a positive role model for our kindergarten through fourth graders! If you are interested in becoming part of the Safety Patrol, please share your interest with your classroom teacher early in the school year as students need to be nominated by a teacher

Eligible Grades: Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Dave Butcher

Spell Bowl

Spell Bowl Indiana Academic Team: 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to learn to spell a list of 750 words to compete on a team of up to 20 students. Eight students compete individually the night of the competition which is held on a Thursday evening in November. The combined team score is used to determine the school's place in the competition. Words are written not spelled out loud. Great for children who love spelling and are spelling experts!

Eligible Grades: Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Kristin Nilo

Math Bowl

Math Bowl Indiana Academic Team: 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to practice solving higher level math problems and compete as a team of up to 20 students. Twelve students (or more) compete as teams of three to answer problems during the competition in March. The team score is used to determine the school's place in the competition. Great for children who love math and are expert problem solvers!

Eligible Grades: Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Kristin Nilo or Tonya Morris


If your child loves to sing and enjoys a musical challenge, he/she is invited to join the Carmel Elementary School Choir. Choir is an extracurricular activity for 4th and 5th graders. CE Choir is a music club that functions both as a choral group and a service organization. The major activities for choir are the Veterans Day program, the Holiday program and the Carmel Education Foundations Annual Telethon. Additionally, the choir usually performs in the community each December. Performance songs are selected for both their educational, seasonal and entertainment value. A variety of music is performed, including classics, folk songs, sacred music, Broadway or standard tunes. Holiday concert consists of sacred and secular music representing the holidays celebrated around the world. Students learn simple choreography. Performance of holiday music is in accordance with the standards set forth by the National Association for Music Education and Carmel Clay School Board Policy.

Eligible Grades: Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: $15 to cover the cost of the choir shirt and music. Fee is $10 if the student already has a choir polo.

Contact: Tiffany Ingles

Battle of the Books

Every year, teachers and media specialists all over Indiana nominate books for the Young Hoosier Book Award Contest. Fourth and fifth graders can participate in a fun competition, called Battle of the Books, centered around the twenty books nominated for this award. Students form teams, read the books and then compete in short competitions over their knowledge of these books. The winning fourth and fifth grade teams receive trophies and battle one another in a final contest. The books are introduced beginning in the fall. Competitions start in late winter or early spring. The program is a longstanding tradition at Carmel Elementary and there's always a lot of excitement around the battles and around the outstanding books that are nominated every year!

Eligible Grades: Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Valerie Williams 

Wellness Club

The purpose of the Wellness Club is to foster a healthy school, home and overall life through nutrition and physical activity education. We will talk about what is healthy to eat and how to stay active throughout the year. In addition, the club organized Family Fitness Night! This is a fun and educational club for everyone!

Cost: Free

Contact: Kim Leffers or Kady Weaver

100 Book Club

Students have the opportunity to read 100 books throughout each school year. Students are awarded prizes after reading 25, 50, and 75 books. At the end of the school year, students who have read 100 books receive a CE 100 Book Club t-shirt. Each year that a student reads 100 books, they are awarded a cumulative t-shirt recognizing the number of years they have read 100 books. A fifth grader who has participated since Kindergarten will receive our highest award: the 600 Book Club t-shirt! This program begins in September with the teachers distributing the official 100 Book Club Log Book and ends the first Monday in May. CE loves its readers!

Eligible Grades: Kindergarten through Fifth

Cost: Free

Contact: Kristen Selm or Meilin Su





Brushstrokes Art Club

Brushstrokes Art Club is for 5th grade students who are CRAZY about art! Members create an assortment of projects that encourage students to develop their creativity, stretch their imagination and learn about art concepts and techniques. There is an application process to be in the club. Students fill out the application and have their parent sign the application. 20 students each semester are selected. Selections are based on the following criteria: completed form that has been signed, form turned in by the deadline and student's past and current art grades, effort and behavior in the art classroom.

Eligible Grades: Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Rachelle Rodriguez

Film Club

Students in Film Club will participate in making our school’s second movie. There are roles for actors, singers, instrumentalists, camera operators, student directors, and crews for the set, costumes, props, and publicity. Call outs and auditions will begin in late fall. Rehearsals and filming will last through the winter and spring and will be finished in May. Depending on the role, students will spend 1-3 days a week before and/or after school.

Eligible Grades: Major roles will be filled by fourth and fifth graders. Other students may be involved as needed.

Contact: Tiffany Ingles or Karen Najjar

Tech Club

Love technology? Love solving problems and creating digitally? Join other third graders at Tech Club to work on coding, animating, creating games, moviemaking, solving puzzles, and other fun activities! No previous computer knowledge needed - just bring your creativity and problem-solving skills!

Eligible Grades: 3rd Grade

Cost: Free

Contact: Valerie Williams

Green Team

Green Team is open to 1 st -5 th graders interested in “Going Green”. Join us once a month for creative, hands-on activities that will help reduce, reuse and recycle commonly used products around our school and community!

Eligible Grades: First through Fifth Graders and Parents

Cost: Free

Contact: Cindy Johnson

Math Pentathlon

This motivational program strengthens basic math concepts and skills, aligns with National and State Mathematics Standards, and stimulates creative thinking while developing problem-solving skills. By using specially designed games and activities that differentiate instruction, ALL students of varying abilities and learning styles are motivated to enjoy math and spend more time learning this subject matter.

Eligible Grades: Kindergarten through Fifth Graders

Cost: $25 club fees (refunded based on parent's participation), $14 T-shirt fee (can reuse last year's; may increase due to supplier fees), $42 competition fee (set by MP organization and may increase)

Contact: Kyle Ring (Practice Coordinator) or Carey Schwartz (Tournament Coordinator)

Pups Running

Pup Running is a school-based youth running program committed to encouraging fitness among elementary age children through the sport of running. Pup Running strives to develop positive character qualities in students as they train and compete in cross country races with other elementary schools in Carmel. The program focuses on qualities like: Good Health, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Discipline, Perseverance and Best Effort. Fourth and Fifth graders may participate in fall and spring cross-country seasons. Parent information is sent home with 4th and 5th graders each fall and spring. Each elementary school in Carmel Clay Schools has a club.

More Information

Eligible Grades: Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: $17 with a CE Team shirt or $10 without one

Contact: Matt Baller (coach)

Science Fair

The Science Fair teaches 4th & 5th graders to use the Scientific Method to conduct an experiment at home with parental supervision. The Science Fair is a SEFI-sponsored event and follows SEFI rules. Students meet community scientists who judge the event. Top projects may move on to Regional & State SEFI events. The Science Fair nurtures budding young scientists, gives them the confidence they need to succeed in STEM classes, and encourages them to consider STEM careers. Time Commitment: Kickoff Event in November. All work conducted at home on your own time November - February. The Science Fair is held on a weeknight, usually early February.

Eligible Grades: Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: $5

Contact: Jennifer Alcantara

Sports Club

Sports club will help with you with the leadership skill of “Sharpen the Saw”. This club will help you reach your goal to “PLAY 60” and help you learn sportsmanship. The goals for the Sports Club are: • For students to reach their goal of being active for 60 minutes total each day • To give students a way to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle • To start students at a young age to be physically active individuals • To learn leaderships skills and sportsmanship

Eligible Grades: Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: Free

Contact: Patrick Murphy

Ukulele Club

If your child enjoys music and would like to play a musical instrument, Ukulele Club is the place to be! Ukulele Club is an extracurricular activity for fourth grade students. Students will learn to play the ukulele, as well as how to care for the instrument and its history. The Ukulele Club will perform at CE and in our community. All levels of experience are welcome, and instruments are provided.

Eligible Grades: Fourth and Fifth Graders

Cost: Free. If a ukulele

Contact: Tiffany Ingles