Traffic Patterns

Carpool Drop-Off (Morning Arrivals)

Morning Drop Off Map
  • Grade 9 use Door 13 - Vehicles should enter from 2nd St. NE

  • Grades 10-12 use Doors 8 & 9 - Vehicles must enter from Richland Ave via Main St. (the new roundabout) only.

  • The Natatorium project has closed vehicle access from Stadium Drive to the other parts of the building. The east side of the building is open ONLY to bus traffic during arrivals and dismissals. 

  • As Main Street/Lexington roundabout constructions continues, please be aware of the bus only lane.

Carpool Pick-Up (Afternoon Dismissals)

Aerial picture of Dismissal Carpool and parent pick up

  • Afternoon carpool traffic is located on Smoky Row Rd, leaving Main Street clear for buses. There will be no vehicle traffic on campus during dismissals except for buses and special-issued permits. 
  • All parents should utilize Smoky Row Road to enter Gate 3 at the stadium to park in the West Lot.
  • Students should only cross Smoky Row Road via the staffed crosswalk at Stadium Drive to meet parents in the West Lot.
  • Cars will be directed out Gate 4 and must turn West.

Bus Locations - Afternoon Dismissals

  • Students will be provided door and bus location. No bus will be released without confirmation of all riders present for the first two weeks of school as students learn the process. 

  • Buses will primarily enter from Main Street, avoiding carpool traffic.

  • There will be several loading zones spread across campus to help eliminate congestion.

  • Updated locations will allow late buses to arrive without causing further delays.

  • Students will be able to exit the building at the door closest to their bus.

Student Parking & Walking to Stadium

  • Students can continue to park in the East Lot, South Lot and West Lot.
  • Students leaving out of Gate 1 must turn East toward Keystone Avenue. Students leaving out of Gate 2 must turn West. 
  • Students should only cross Smoky Row Road via the staffed crosswalk at Stadium Drive.

Important Details

  • Please be patient and pay close attention to staff, signage and traffic cones.

  • The roundabout at Lexington & Main is open.

  • Be a good neighbor! New city ordinances prohibit parking or stopping in nearby neighborhoods.

  • Campus traffic will reopen on Stadium Drive and other entrances again after buses depart at approximately 4:25 pm.

  • Pre-arranged early pick-ups must take place before 3:45 pm at Door 4 or Door 13. After 3:45 pm pick-ups will need to be in the West Lot at the stadium.

  • Students with needed medical accommodations will be coordinated through the Student Services office.