Advanced Placement Program (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a cooperative educational endeavor of secondary schools, colleges and the College Board. Highly motivated students enjoy the intellectual challenge experienced in these courses. Teachers of AP courses find that the courses greatly enhance the students’ confidence and academic orientation. Research shows that students enrolling in challenging academic courses are far better prepared for serious academic work when entering college. Most colleges and universities grant credit and/or advanced placement to students who perform satisfactorily on AP examinations.

AP Coordinators: Kris Hartman, Bettina Cool, and Kelly Wernke


AP Courses Offered at CHS

English– Capstone Research, Capstone Seminar, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition

Math– Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics

World Language– Chinese Language, French Language, German Language, Latin Vergil, Spanish Language

Science– Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics I, Physics C

Social Studies– Comparative Government, European History, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Psychology, US Government & Politics, US History, World History

Fine Arts– Studio Art 2D, Studio Art 3D, Studio Art Drawing, Art History

AP Exam Information

Why take an AP Exam?

You can demonstrate your ability to master college-level coursework. The main reason to take an AP exam is to demonstrate mastery of rigorous college-level material. And, by scoring a passing grade on an AP exam (3 or above), you can earn college credit at the majority of colleges and universities in the US and Canada. For more information about what colleges award credit for AP exams, please visit the AP Credit Policy Search webpage.

Exam Registration and Fee Information:

The fee for the 2021 AP Exams is $100. The fee for state-subsidized AP Exams (English, Science, Math and Computer Science courses) is $17, if you are currently enrolled in the corresponding AP class. Exam registration/payment for the 2021 AP Exams will take place 9/29/2020 – 10/11/2020. A link for this can be found in the Carmel Counseling Canvas course page.

Exam Dates: 2021 AP Exam Dates