Student Parking

Parking permits now required for ALL student drivers


To improve the safety of our campus, all students who wish to drive to school must hang a valid Carmel High School parking permit from their rearview mirror.  For your convenience, students can immediately register for a parking permit online. Students must apply BEFORE registration or use a personal device as laptops will not be available. Student drivers must have their permit properly displayed by September 7, 2021. Please note, this permit does not allow students to park on campus property adjacent to the school buildings.  To register for a parking permit, please fill out an application. (linked here).
**Please bring your driver's license to pick up your permit in the Activities Office**
Parking Permit FAQ
Why do I need a parking permit?
Parking permits allow administration and school resource officers to easily identify vehicles of students and those that do not belong on school property.  
What if I do not have a parking permit?
If you do not register and properly display the permit by September 7, 2021, you may not park on campus.  Students who park without a permit will be required to register for a permit and receive a parking violation per handbook rules.
What if I lose my parking permit?
Report to the student activities office.
What if I drive more than 1 vehicle?
You may register two cars with one permit for a single driver. The driver is responsible for moving the tag between the two vehicles.  
Can I let my sibling borrow my permit?
Each permit is registered to a single driver; however, if a sibling is driving the same car registered to the family nothing needs to be done.  Siblings cannot share one permit if both are driving to school in two different vehicles.  
What if I have a permit, but fail to put it in my car before parking at school?
You will receive parking violation as outlined in the student handbook.
I have a parking pass to park adjacent to the school for a specific reason deemed appropriate by student services. (Ex: medical purposes), do I need to register for a parking permit?
Yes, all students who drive to school must have a parking permit.
What happens if I park illegally, but I have a valid permit?
Students will receive a violation as outlined in the student handbook.
I only drive on blue days and my friend drives on gold days, can we share one permit?
No.  Permits are non transferable between students or by students.  
Can I obtain a parking pass without agreeing to the terms and conditions?
Do the conditions of the parking permit apply to non-school days?
No.  Permits are only required during school hours on school days.
What does the handbook specifically say about driving at Carmel High School?
Parking on campus property, adjacent to school buildings, will be limited to staff and by permit parking only. Students may not park in any designated staff areas on campus. Please be respectful to private parking areas off campus and pay close attention to posted signs. Students who wish to drive to school may park their vehicles in the parking lot at the stadium on Smoky Row Road. There is ample parking at this facility to accommodate all students who wish to drive. Please remember that bus transportation is always available. The Transportation Center’s telephone number is 317-844-8207.
Student driving regulations:
  1. Students must hang a Carmel High School parking permit from their rear view mirror to be able to park on property.
  2. Students must park in the stadium parking lot.   Any exceptions must be approved by the Student Services Office.
  3. Vehicles are to be driven in a courteous and safe manner at all times. A speed limit of fifteen (15) miles per hour applies on school property.
  4. Vehicles are not to be driven unnecessarily on campus.
  5. Vehicles are to obey all posted signs and heed the designated fire lanes.
  6. Upon arrival at school, vehicles should be prepared for inclement weather. Vehicles should be locked.
  7. Vehicles are to be unoccupied once they have been parked.
  8. School buses have the right of way.
  9. When vehicles are parked on property without a permit, the student driver will be required to register for a CHS permit. Students will also face consequences as determined by rule 10 of the driving regulations.
  10. Vehicles are to be parked properly in the designated parking spaces. When vehicles are not parked properly in the designated parking spaces or not properly displaying their parking permit, the student driver will face the following consequences:
  • First Offense: Student will conference with an administrator, and contact will be made to a parent. Student is given a choice to serve two Saturday Detentions or pay a $50 parking fee.  
  • Second Offense: Student will conference with an administrator, and contact will be made to a parent. Student is assigned an in-school suspension for failure to comply with an administrative directive. 
  • Third Offense: A conference with the parent and student will occur to discuss the multiple instances of failure to comply. The students will be assigned an out of school suspension. The student’s parking permit will be revoked for the remainder of the school year. 
  1. Cars parked in posted NO PARKING zones, fire lanes or along yellow curbs will be towed at the owner's’ expense. The school will reserve the right to tow cars parked illegally if it creates a disturbance to the school environment.
A school administrator may enter and inspect any vehicle, if, in their judgment, there is reasonable evidence that materials forbidden by law, school policy, or school rules are therein.
Carmel High School have security personnel who patrol all campus parking areas. However, Carmel Clay Schools is not responsible for damages/thefts that occur to cars while parked on Carmel Clay Schools’ property.