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Welcome Home, Mrs. Fuller!
Ellie Outside

Our newest teacher, Ellie Fuller, didn’t need a tour or a complete staff introduction on her first day at Clay Middle School. Her former principal and assistant principal, Mr. Crosby and Mr. Smith, hired her. Her former 6th-grade humanities teacher, Mrs. Speidel, is now her teammate on Avengers! Mrs. Nass was her former school counselor, Mr. Stewart was her social studies teacher, and Mrs. Giles was her 8th grade ELA teacher. 

Beyond celebrating her homecoming to Carmel Clay Schools, Ellie is an excellent example of the teacher pipeline that allows us to keep our best and brightest in our community. As the nation faces a teacher shortage, enthusiastic and passionate teachers like Ellie have countless options on where to teach, and we are proud that she sought a position in her hometown.

Knowing she wanted to be a teacher, Ellie took advantage of Carmel High School's education career classes and was a cadet teacher at her alma maters, Prairie Trace and Clay. At Indiana University, she again returned to CCS to student teach.

Ellie Cheer

“I am thrilled to be coming home to Carmel to teach 6th grade math,” said Ellie. “I like to joke that I peaked in middle school, but my three years at Clay were my favorite growing up.” As a cheerleader, softball player, and CHS Dance Marathon participant, we are excited for Ellie to spread her school spirit at Clay Middle School. 

We are confident that one day in the future, Mrs. Fuller will complete the cycle and welcome one of her former students into the teaching profession and back to Carmel.