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The library media program exists to create and support an environment in which all learners become effective users of ideas and information and achieve the standards set by the state of Indiana and Carmel Clay Schools.

Goals of the library media program:

  • cultivate a love of reading,

  • provide a broad range of quality resources to support the curriculum and to support recreational reading interests,

  • teach students to become effective and ethical users of print and electronic information,

  • and to encourage all students to become lifelong learners.

Media Center Happenings

Friends of the Clay Media Center and Library Club

Hello my fellow book lovers!

I hope you're doing well and are finding some joy in being stuck at home. Perhaps you're catching up on some reading?! :) 

I wanted you to know that I am adding eBooks, book talks and other resources to the library canvas page so feel free to check those out. I will keep adding over the next few weeks!

Remember you can always leave book reviews in the library catalog just by logging in with your normal CCS login. 

What I really wanted to ask you for though are some book talks of books you've read recently or that you just love! Film yourself for 1-2 minutes talking about the book you love, a quick summary and recommendations for why others should read it too. I'd like to add those to the library page!

Share the videos with me through Google Docs or email 

Feel free to ask your friends to make book talk videos too!!!


Need a book recommendation?


Email Mrs. Swartzendruber 


eLearning Research?

Do you need to do research for your eLearning activities? Remember to use reliable sources of information.

Go to the Library Tab in Canvas to access our Research Databases and other resources. 

Library Club Book Club

Our library club was planning on reading Maybe He Just Likes You by Barbara Dee. Click below for a book trailer!

Consider downloading or purchasing a copy to read while you're gone and we can discuss and Skype with Barbara when we return!

Media Specialist

Stephanie Swartzendruber

Stephanie Swartzendruber