Incoming 6th Graders

The transition to middle school is an exciting time of change and opportunity for both parents and students. We hope that the move to Clay Middle School will be a positive experience with smooth transitions. Please look for information regarding 6th grade orientation and scheduling beginning in January.

The Middle School Program of Studies outlines the courses available for 6th graders, provides information about block schedules, and describes classes 7th and 8th graders have the opportunity to take.


How are lockers assigned?

Lockers are assigned at random. An organized locker is one key to success in middle school. Students may choose to decorate the inside of their locker with shelving, dry erase boards, photos and more! It is important for students to keep combinations private.

How long is lunch?

Lunch is 25 minutes long. Parents may access menus and create a account online. With parent permission, students may purchase extra drinks and snacks.

Can I get dropped off in the morning?

Bus service is provided for all students, and we recommend that students ride the bus. Parents driving their child to or from school should follow the traffic pattern at the east parking lot. Students should not be dropped off before 7:30 a.m.

How do I get a student ID?

All Clay students are issued an ID card at registration. This card is used at lunch and in the media center. Students are expected to bring their ID card to school daily. Lost ID cards can be replaced for $5 in the media center.

Can I drop or add a class?

Schedules are finalized for the school year over the summer. If students wish to change an elective or quarter-long class, they can email their counselor. While we consider all requests, changes may be limited due to course requirements, enrollment numbers, or offerings during specific time slots.

What is After School Study Hall?

After School Study Hall occurs every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in the library from 3:15-4:10. ASSH is an opportunity for students to finish homework and use school computers. It is supervised by one-two teachers who can provide assistance for students who need help. Students must reserve a sport to attend by having a teacher sign them up. All students who do not have a ride at 4:10 will be required to ride the late bus home.

How do I get a PE uniform?

All students must purchase a shirt, shorts, and heart rate monitor strap. They can be purchased from the bookstore during lunch.

What are academic teams?

Each grade level is divided into 3 academic teams. There are approximately 150 students per team. Those students rotate through the same group of core teachers including language arts, math, science, social studies, and wellness. Teachers have a common planning time daily that may be used for collaborative planning or parent conferences. Teaming provides a valuable opportunity to build healthy relationships among students, teachers, and parents at the middle school level.