Academic Teams

 The general goal of teaming is to provide a more personalized learning experience for students—i.e., to ensure that students are well known by adults in the school, that their learning needs are understood and addressed, and that they receive the social, emotional, and academic support from teachers and staff that they need to succeed academically.

Teams are an exciting way to develop relationships, support student growth, and build school pride.
Each grade level has their own Academic House. Within those "houses" are the teams. Teaming helps with the transition from elementary to the secondary school setting and help to make a large school feel smaller.


6th Grade Teams

Team Puma
Team Leader: Deseree' Becker-Wilpolt

Team Jaguar
Team Leader:Jenny Berju

Team Panther
Team Leader: Jenny Nance


7th Grade Teams

Team Everest
Team Leader: Kristen Irwin

Team Rockies
Team Leader: Katie Abel

Team Kilamnajaro
Team Leader: Sarah Jarrard


8th Grade Teams

Team Activ8
Team Leader: Nick Blomeke

Team Celebr8
Team Leader: Brandy Myers

Team Innov8
Team Leader: Stacy Hast