Requirements for Participation


Eligibility is determined based on the most recent completed grading period.  To be academically eligible, all student athletes must have at least a 2.0 grade point average, with no more than one failing grade.

Physical Form

  • Physical Form
    • The physical examination must be performed on or after April 1 by a Physician holding an unlimited license to practice medicine to be valid for the following school year– IHSAA By-Law C 3-10).  All physical forms must be signed by the physician (MD, DO, NP, PA) along with his/her license number; Stamped signatures will not be accepted.

    • The physician signature must be hand-written.  No signature stamps will be accepted

    • The physician signature and license number must be affixed on page two (2).

    • The parent signatures must be affixed to the form on page one (1).

    • The student-athlete signature must be affixed to page one (1).

    • Each athlete must have an athletic physical completed on or after April 1 on file with the athletic office to participate in CCS athletics.    

    • Please submit the forms to Creekside’s main office at least one week prior to the start of the season.

Consent Form

  • Consent Form
    • The consent and concussion form, which is combined into one form, must be completed online prior to participation in CCS Middle School Athletics. The form only needs to be completed once. Please make sure it is done at least one week prior to the first athletic season in which your student chooses to participate. Please follow the directions in the link below to complete the online consent and concussion form.

    • Please wait to complete this portion until students have been enrolled into their new grade level, which usually happens at the beginning of July.  You will receive an email during the summer when this process can begin.

  • Be sure to click through the form until status reads “SUBMITTED.”

  • Concussion Acknowledgment is line item “I” on the online consent form.

Concussion/SCA Fact Sheets

Interest Forms

Athletics Parent Information

Important Creekside Athletic Team Information

CCS Equipment Policy

It is a policy of the Carmel Clay Schools that no athlete will be permitted to use his/her own safety equipment (including but not limited to: helmets, head gear, shoulder pads, fielder’s mask, shoulder pads, and catcher’s gear (helmet, chest protector and shin guards).  The equipment will be issued by the Carmel Clay Schools.