Counseling Staff

The Creekside Middle School Counseling Department promotes the academic, social/emotional, and career development of all students.  The counseling program is preventive, proactive, and reactive.  The school counselors serve as advocates for the students while collaborating with parents, staff, students, and the community to assist students in reaching their full potential.  

Counseling Services: 
Counseling services are offered to all students both individually and in groups.  These services are designed to address the academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of students.

Counselors coordinate a variety of special programs within their schools.  These may include registration, peer helper and conflict mediation programs, long-term educational program planning, and guiding students in their prospective career choices and other decision-making for the future.

An important part of the school counselor's role is consultation.  Counselors may consult with parents, faculty, other school staff, and community agencies in order to best meet the individual needs of all students.

Classroom & Small Group Guidance:
Counselors conduct a variety of group guidance lessons throughout the year in order to provide students with information relevant to their needs or concerns.  These lessons may include study skills, career exploration, decision-making skills, and future educational planning.


We offer group services led by a counselor/social worker discussing the following issues:

Grief and Bereavement


Girls group (friendship, self-esteem, “mean girls”)

Organization/Study Skills

Social Skills

Parent Resources

The middle school years can be a difficult transition time for both students and parents. The Parent Institute Library is a wonderful and free resource for Creekside parents to learn more about how to help their children through the many academic, social, and emotional transitions that come with early adolescence.

College Readiness


Learn More Indiana - Indiana's college and career connection.

21st Century Scholars - This program aims to assure that all Indiana families can afford a college education for their children.

KnowHow2Go - Middle Schoolers: College is closer than you think!

Bridges Choices Explorer

Learning Style Inventory - Research shows that people learn in different ways. While each of us uses all of our senses to gather information, some people use one sense more than others while learning. Students can be better learners when they understand their preference for visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), or tactile (touching) learning.




Program of Studies 2019-20

6th Grade Graduation Plan

Indiana code requires that students develop an initial graduation plan during their sixth grade year.  This plan includes a statement of intent to graduate from high school as well as an acknowledgement of the importance of good citizenship, school attendance and diligent study habits. Awareness and commitment toward meeting graduation requirements are first steps in setting strong goals for the future.  

Please see the components of the “graduation promise” as well as a link to Core 40 graduation requirements below. This information is shared by counselors with all 6th grade students.

Graduation Promise:

I understand that education is key to my future and therefore commit to graduate from high school. I will also take the time to plan and prepare for life after high school by:

*being a responsible citizen and making good decisions;

*going to school and actively participating in my learning;

*studying hard and turning in my homework;

*pushing myself to complete Core 40 and considering going beyond it to complete an advanced

*diploma like Core 40 with Academic Honors or Core 40 with Technical Honors;

*exploring different careers and learning how college includes lots of options: two- and four-year degrees, certificates, apprenticeship programs, and the military; and

*asking for help when I need it.

Indiana Core 40 Graduation Requirements


Current 6th & 7th Graders


For Creekside scheduling questions, please contact Ms. Schad or Mrs. Sprunger.


Current 8th Graders

HS School Academic Transition



High School Transition Events


High School Scheduling

You can find the CHS Program of Studies booklet on-line at  - click on “Academics”, then on “PROGRAM OF STUDIES”

For questions about high school scheduling, please reach out to your student’s counselor at the high school using their contact information below.

CHS Freshman Center - Counselor Email Contacts (Phone: 317-571-4621)

Leslie Brown

Kate Barsten

Dave Schleper

Cary Schwartz

Carmel High School Student Services