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Carmel City Council Resolution Supports Operating Referendum
Dr. B with Jeff Worrell

Carmel City Council Unanimously Supports Carmel Clay Schools Operating Referendum

August 7, 2023 — Carmel City Council announced its full support of the Carmel Clay Schools' upcoming Operating Referendum, demonstrating a united commitment to maintaining and enhancing the outstanding educational system that has helped establish Carmel as a premier destination city.

The unanimous decision underscores the pivotal role that the district plays in driving economic growth and securing a prosperous future for the city.

Carmel has long been celebrated as a destination city, attracting families, professionals, and businesses alike. A key factor in this reputation is the success of our public schools. With a legacy of excellence in education, our schools have not only raised academic standards but also fostered a sense of community pride and participation.

"Is this referendum a good investment for our city?" asked Council President Jeff Worrell. "Yes. Our schools remain our best economic development partner. Because of the high quality of our public schools, we are able to attract high-quality businesses and their employees.” 

The council spoke of the school's pivotal role in making the city a desirable place to live, work, and invest. The exceptional educational opportunities provided by the schools have attracted families seeking top-tier education for their children, further fueling Carmel's growth and its status as a sought-after residential destination.

Furthermore, the schools have established themselves as a significant economic component, contributing to the city's sustained prosperity. A well-educated workforce attracts businesses, innovation, and investment, creating a beneficial cycle of growth and development. 

And for those without students currently in schools, councilmember Woody Rider confirmed the impact of the district's success on current home prices. "When you take the number one reason why people are coming and don't fund it properly - if you don't keep it the level it is, it inevitably would harm our property values."

As the Carmel Clay Schools Operating Referendum approaches, the unanimous backing from the City Council reinforces the city's commitment to supporting education and securing Carmel's future successes.

For more information, please visit the CCS Operating Referendum website