Carmel Clay Schools Celebrates its 2020 Years of Service Awards

We are proud to celebrate our 2020 Years of Service Honorees! Thank you for your continued years of service and commitment to excellence in Carmel Clay Schools.

Congratulations to the following staff on their years of service with Carmel Clay Schools:

45 Years of Service

  • Rex Durr, Transportation

40 Years of Service

  • Sally McDougal, Carmel Learning Center
  • Bruce Wolf, Carmel High School

35 Years of Service

  • Melanie Bales, Transportation
  • Bonnie Hart, Transportation

30 Years of Service

  • Kellie Freeman, Carmel High School
  • Rebecca Sendi, Creekside Middle School
  • Andrew Simon, Clay Middle School
  • Lee Wischmeyer, Woodbrook Elementary

25 Years of Service

  • Kenneth Badger, College Wood Elementary
  • Enid Baines, Carmel High School
  • Stephanie Borlik, Carmel Elementary
  • Pamela Burleson, Transportation
  • Deborah Diersing, Cherry Tree Elementary
  • Cathy Eastes, Clay Middle School
  • Karla Fisher, Carmel Middle School
  • Dori Gallinat, Forest Dale Elementary
  • Michele Grace, Clay Middle School
  • Elizabeth Haberfield, Woodbrook Elementary
  • Todd Hawkins, Carmel High School
  • Donna Hoffman, Transportation
  • Matthew Hunter, Woodbrook
  • Christopher Kreke, Carmel High School
  • Luther Lofland, Carmel High School
  • Dianne Logar, Mohawk Trails Elementary
  • Barbara Mahnesmith, Prairie Trace Elementary
  • Shannon McClintock, Forest Dale Elementary
  • Elizabeth Panschar, Mohawk Trails Elementary
  • Jennifer Riley-Davis, Carmel High School
  • Alison Robinson, College Wood Elementary
  • Brenda Shearman, Woodbrook Elementary
  • James Streisel, Carmel High School
  • Jennifer Szuhaj, West Clay Elementary
  • Elizabeth Thiel, Carmel Elementary
  • Barbara Traupman, Mohawk Trails Elementary
  • Robin Walker, Towne Meadow Elementary

20 Years of Service

  • Stacy Arnold, Clay Middle School
  • Heather Banks, West Clay Elementary
  • Tamara Belbutoski, Carmel Middle School
  • Louise Bracken, Carmel High School
  • Helen Burnett, Carmel High School
  • Kathy Castor, Transportation
  • David Cooper, Transportation
  • Kelly Davis, Woodbrook Elementary
  • Jennifer Drudge, Carmel High School
  • Amy Dudley, Educational Services Center
  • John Dux, Carmel Middle School
  • Ronald Eshleman, Transportation
  • Kellie Flager, Orchard Park Elementary
  • Aimee Gebhart, Forest Dale Elementary
  • Stacy Gerth, Smoky Row Elementary
  • Ann Gray, Creekside Middle School
  • Christina Herring, Prairie Trace Elementary
  • Valerie Hoover, Transportation
  • Susan Johnson, Carmel High School
  • Brooke Knezevich, College Wood Elementary
  • Tracy Krause, Clay Middle School
  • Philip Lamie, Towne Meadow Elementary
  • Brian Lyday, Towne Meadow Elementary
  • Krista May, Creekside Middle School
  • Angela Snyder, Creekside Middle School
  • Rene Moyer, Orchard Park Elementary
  • Peter O'Hara, Carmel High School
  • Donna Peters, Carmel Middle School
  • Tim Phares, Creekside Middle School
  • Andrea Pinkerton, Carmel High School
  • Ryan Ringenberg, Carmel High School
  • David Schleper, Carmel High School
  • Leslie Schmitt, Carmel High School
  • Jacinda Sohalski, Carmel High School
  • Ann Stock, Towne Meadow Elementary
  • Rebecca Stuelpe, Carmel High School
  • William Turner, Carmel High School
  • Catherine Walsh, College Wood Elementary
  • Deniece Witt, College Wood Elementary
  • Sarah Wolff, Carmel High School
  • Robin Wood, Clay Middle School
  • Beverly Norman, Clay Middle School