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Carmel Esports Wins 6 of 8 Championships
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The 2022-23 Carmel Esports season marked the inaugural year as a CHS varsity sport, rather than a club. CHS fielded 105 players throughout the season and competed in all eight titles established by the Indiana High School Esports Network (IHSEN). Each of the teams came together and worked hard throughout the school year to bring home six of the eight state championship titles - Valorant, Super Smash Brothers, Fortnite, iRacing, Chess, and Tetris. The teams attended additional tournaments throughout the year to provide players with challenging opponents along with collegiate scholarships. Carmel Esports had two seniors this year who have signed to continue their Esports careers at the collegiate level. The program also partnered with Stay Plugged In (SPIN) to not only feature the school's Esports program but also provide free accounts on the platform used to connect players to collegiate recruiters, scholarships, and showcase opportunities.

Esports is a rapidly growing sector of professional sports with more viewers than every professional sports league except the NFL. Carmel High School Esports provides an opportunity for many students who may not prefer the traditional athletic, academic, or arts-based extracurriculars.  Esports is not only accessible and inclusive for most but also provides a safe and structured environment for players to develop highly-valued skills in the professional and gaming world including problem-solving, communication, and coordination as a part of a team.

"The coaching team has witnessed students’ growth in skills and mindset throughout the year and I could not be more proud of the strides they’ve made," commented Esports Head Coach, Jeff Chou. "We hope to continue in our aid towards that growth and provide a system and opportunities that will set our students up for success in their futures."

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