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CCS Response to Recent Social Media Posts & StopIt Alerts

Over the past week, Carmel Clay Schools has started receiving an increased number of StopIt reports concerning social media posts. Please review the following details surrounding a recent incident to help our families and community understand the process. 

See Something, Say Something:
Last week, we saw an increase in alerts submitted through the CCS anonymous reporting system, StopIt. Screenshots of text message conversations and an image of a handwritten message on a wall threatening violence were submitted by students and parents. Initial allegations, via Snap Chat, were that a CHS student was involved. 

Carmel Police Department and CCS Response:
CCS immediately worked with our SROs, who are active duty Carmel Police Officers, to follow up on the allegation(s). Both building administrators and School Resource Officers receive each submitted StopIt alert, so within a short period of time, CPD was at the home of the individual allegedly involved and spoke directly with the student and parents. 

Investigations and Follow-Ups:
Upon investigating, CPD was able to quickly assess that there was no threat to students and communicated to school officials it was safe to return to school the following day. It was confirmed that the initial image of the handwritten threat posted on social media actually occurred in a different school district. Additionally, a captured text conversation occurred while the police were actually speaking with the student. Submitting direct and indirect information to StopIt is important to ensure the safety of our community, but sharing and reposting incidents on social media can often complicate and hinder an investigation.  

Communication with Families:
Our top priority is the safety of our students, followed by accurate and timely communication for our families. When incidents occur and rumors are quickly spreading, our goal is to reassure families with accurate information. While we understand that when it comes to the safety of your children, there is no such thing as too much detail. However, we must be careful to never impede an investigation or share personal or identifying information about our students. CCS officials and CPD collaborate to ensure communication is accurate and appropriate. 

School safety is a shared responsibility of the entire school community, which includes students, parents, and staff. Thank you for your continued cooperation and commitment to safety. Please continue to share any concerns directly with your SRO, building administrator, or through the StopIt system.

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