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CHS Alumnus Named White House Fellow



Harrison Hines

Dr. Hines speaks with a colleague at the White House

Congratulations to 2008 Carmel High School graduate Dr. Harrison Hines, who was named a 2022-2023 White House Fellow. Out of thousands of applicants, Dr. Hines was one of 15 early to mid-career professionals selected to participate in the one-year program. With a professional background in theology and medicine, Dr. Hines is placed at the White House Domestic Policy Council. 

Dr. Hines attended Duke University as a Robertson Scholar, majoring in Chemistry and Religion. He continued his educational and career pursuits with an M.D. from Stanford University and a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Duke Divinity School.  

“My purpose is to serve god through caring for people,” remarked Dr. Hines. While in seminary, he fell in love with social ethics and solidified a passion for policy making. As a legislative aide to Assemblymember Shirley Weber, he took an active role in writing and championing bills. And after completing his neurology residency, Dr. Hines decided he wanted to move ‘upstream’ to help govern real change in physician and patient advocacy.  

“I applied [to the White House Fellows Program] to get needed federal experience, at the place where the healthcare decisions are made, in order to make a broader impact,” said Dr. Hines. “At the Domestic Policy Council, we coordinate a variety of policy issues from education to healthcare administration to immigration. I am particularly focused on public health.”

Only a month into his fellowship, Dr. Hines has already been involved in the recently announced initiative to end hunger and improve nutrition. “It’s a big goal, but it is phenomenal. To be a part of [the conference], to see the collaboration was really special. It was more than inspiring,” said Dr. Hines. 

Dr. Hines’ love of science was born in Ms. Deborah Haire’s Honors and AP Chemistry classes at Carmel High School. “She made me believe that science is awesome, meaning it inspired awe in me. I was moved by the beauty and mystery in the world. Her classes were the impetus to make me want to serve people through science.”

Known for his calm demeanor, Dr. Hines credits his four years on the CHS tennis team for inspiring a ‘fire in his belly.’ He remembers his coaches frequently urging him to light the fire. Throughout his life, Dr. Hines has used the phrase as a guidepost to ensure his work is inspiring others to light their own fire.

Dr. Hines is a proud Carmel Clay Schools alumni and public school advocate. “Public school is the best hope to remain unified as a culture in our country,” remarked Dr. Hines. “It’s a place where people are formed mentally and morally with those in their community who they may otherwise never meet.”

The Carmel High School alumni connections are helpful, too. One of Dr. Hines’ recommendations for the White House Fellows Program was from his friend, colleague, and former CHS graduate, Dr. Andrew Josephson, the current Chair of the Neurology Department at UC San Francisco. 

“I want to make good on the investments of those who had hope for me when I had none for myself and who loved me when I couldn’t love myself,” said Dr. Hines. “Many of those people are from CCS, faculty, friends, and teammates. I take being selected as a testament to those who invested in me. I want to serve others for all of them.”