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CHS Senior Builds Experience with Construction Internship


Isaac 2
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When Isaac Hammett registered for the CHS Principles of Construction class, he intended to work as an electrician someday. Throughout high school, Isaac wasn’t sure he would attend college but did continue to take other construction trades courses. Now, as a senior, Isaac is a Project Engineer Intern at a professional construction company through the Work-Based Learning Program. Isaac has multiple scholarship offers and a temporary full-time job lined up for next semester after graduating early in December. 

It was an easy and practical switch from a retail job to an internship after a classmate suggested the opportunity with Skillman Corporation. Skillman is a highly-respected construction company in Indiana and handles multiple projects for the district, which allows students to intern onsite easily.

“My internship has given me a lead on the education I will soon pursue,” commented Isaac. “Not only will this knowledge help me with college, but I will apply it to my future career, allowing me to solve more problems that might arise on the construction site.” 

“When I first met Isaac, he wanted to be an electrician and work in the trade,” commented Skillman Project Manager Tyler Barker. “I am a master electrician, so we connected initially, and I assumed I would be able to use my contacts in the trade to get him into an apprenticeship after graduation.”

Tyler quickly realized that Isaac’s talent extends far beyond his hands-on capabilities. Working as much as his school schedule allows, Isaac mainly concentrates on CHS-based projects, and despite being part-time and an 18-year-old student, he has earned the respect of Skillman leadership, vendors, and skilled tradesmen.

“I can count on this young man to complete any task,” remarked Tyler. “He has proven capable of communicating with contractors, scheduling work, and following up until the job is complete. He can get work out of contractors much more his senior, and they all provide positive comments back to me.”

With a humble personality, Isaac won't boast about his substantial responsibilities. He will, however, admit it's cool when friends see him working in the building or he can point to a project he helped execute. Through his time with the Work-Based Learning Program and Skillman, Isaac gained a new appreciation for practical experience, professional connections, and a possible career.

Isaac is currently making college visits and plans to study construction management next fall. He is eager to continue his work with Skillman next semester before college and on school breaks. Tyler is happy to have opened the door to future possibilities in the construction business. 

The CHS Work-Based Learning Program connects students with local businesses for career-related experiences. Isaac has benefitted from his internship and is eager to help promote the possibilities for other students. He said is encouraging his sister to look into options for her chosen field of accounting. “There is tons of advice that I can give to those questioning their future with a possible internship. Having the ability to access such resources in high school has left me with just one word. Lucky.” 

Isaac and other students may be fortunate to access high-quality internships with the Carmel High School Work-Based Learning Program. But his success is no luck. Isaac has taken full advantage of the opportunities provided at CHS and worked tremendously hard has been able to truly leave a legacy at Carmel High School, working on projects that will benefit students for future decades.