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CHS Students Win Top Prize at ICDC Conference

Carmel High School seniors, Claire Qu and Megan Shaffer, won 1st place at the DECA 2022 Atlanta International Career Development Conference. 

DECA 2022 Students

Full Carmel DECA results:

1st Place

Claire Qu & Megan Shaffer

Career Development Project

Top 10

Leo Connell

Quick Serve Restaurant

Top 10

Connor Claymon & Nate Frank

Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making

Top 10

Angela Gao

Community Giving Project

Top 10

Emily Hu & Rohan Mahesh

Business Growth Plan

Top 20

Jetson Black & Davis Compton

Integrated Marketing Campaign-Event

Silver Metal

Logan O’Connell

Professional Selling - Marketing Cluster Exam

Silver Metal

Margaret Seifert

Human Resource Management - Role Play

Silver Metal

Oliver Zhu

Automotive Services - Marketing Cluster Exam