In The Loop - November 2020

In the Loop - November 2020

“Life is difficult and dangerous. Anyone who would attempt to do it alone is simply mad. We know to always do difficult things with a buddy. So, if the journey of life is to be filled with setbacks and disappointments, with confusion and uncertainty, it makes sense that we should trust others to join us on the journey. 

As individuals, we’re useless. We can’t lift heavy weight and we can’t solve complex problems.

But together?

Together we are remarkable.” 

~ Simon Sinek

Dear CCS Families,

I shared this quote with our leadership teams this week. With the second 9-weeks of the fall semester in full swing, I want to start by expressing my gratitude and appreciation for the extraordinary effort displayed by our teachers, staff, parents and students in getting us to this point. From in-person learning, to the 100% virtual option to the hybrid of the two, our educators, students, and families have excelled at adapting to this uniquely challenging time and I am extremely proud of the dedication I have witnessed in making school happen! While we all would like to have school back full time the way it used to be, I do believe what we have accomplished together is remarkable.

I was asked recently if there have been any positives gained after eight months in this pandemic environment. After reflecting on this a few days, I believe we have proven our resiliency. We have learned to adjust to change and uncertainty. We continue to learn and improve our navigation of the tricks and tools of Canvas. Our staff and students have successfully further integrated technology into their learning. Our school community has refined our safety precautions and procedures to keep us safe and reduce exposure as much as possible. Finally, we have learned to change our orientation from a focus from what we “can’t do” because of the pandemic, to creatively determine what we “can do.” As one student put it, ”We have to re-define what participation means and find other ways to connect.” While the difficulty of this challenge grinds into the ninth month, I believe we will emerge from this pandemic season with new skill sets, new appreciation, and a stronger sense of connection with others. We just have to persevere a while longer.

We do have an abundance of non-COVID-19 important activities going on throughout the district that are highlighted throughout this edition of “In The Loop,” along with some highlights of our amazing students and staff.

Take Care and Be Safe,

Dr. B

Michael J. Beresford, Ed.D.


Carmel Clay Schools

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