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Internship Program Empowers Students to Thrive in IT and Cybersecurity

In the dynamic landscape of technology, internship opportunities have become pivotal in shaping the careers of aspiring professionals. Senior Kevin Qu, is a Software Engineering & Cybersecurity Apprentice at Brightworks, a leading technology consulting firm in Carmel. Kevin's responsibilities revolve around developing custom software solutions designed to optimize and enhance enterprise-level cybersecurity measures and system administration operations. 

Kevin has built a solid academic foundation with CHS courses, including AP Computer Science A, PLTW Cybersecurity, and ACP Computer Science. Along with his expertise in Python, Node.js, and PowerShell, Kevin has been instrumental in crafting innovative tools to optimize operational workflows and address the needs of Brightworks and its clients.

Reflecting on his internship experience, Kevin expressed profound fulfillment in seamlessly integrating his interests in software and cybersecurity. 

“This role offers me a unique opportunity to craft sophisticated software tools for Brightworks, significantly expediting our operational workflows with innovative and user-friendly solutions,” stated Kevin. “I’ve also learned how to use industry-standard system administration services to gain a comprehensive view of the businesses’ operational technology infrastructure.”

Kevin's journey at Brightworks has been marked by substantial professional growth. From collaborating with clients across diverse industries to spearheading projects to automate workflow processes, he has enhanced his technical proficiency and sharpened his communication and interpersonal skills.

“The opportunity allows me to utilize a more conceptual and quantitatively grounded approach when interacting with clients, especially those from nontechnical backgrounds,” said Kevin.

Jayson Conley, Director of Operations at Brightworks, commended Kevin's initiative and dedication, noting his remarkable contributions to the team. 

“Kevin has been a fantastic contributor to our team and its mission,” claimed Conley. “While many interns need extensive oversight and guidance, Kevin eagerly accepts every task enthusiastically and drives toward the finish line without needing micro-management.”

Regarding Kevin's preparedness for his current role, Conley acknowledged the foundational knowledge and skills acquired through CHS's Computer Science program and extracurricular activities. He emphasized how Kevin's internship experience provides invaluable real-world exposure, equipping him with the practical insights and problem-solving understanding essential for success in the IT and cybersecurity industry.

“We are not only thrilled to be a part of the CHS intern program but also happy to have Kevin as a true part of the Brightworks team,” stated Conley. “We look forward to all the awesome things he’s going bring to the table in the second semester and are excited to see him excel in his career going forward.”

The Brightworks internship program is a testament to the transformative impact of hands-on learning experiences in shaping the next generation of technology professionals. Kevin's journey exemplifies the potential unleashed when students are provided opportunities to apply classroom knowledge in professional settings.