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Parental Rights & Transparency

There is a decline in parental rights and transparency. 

Fiction. The success of Carmel Clay Schools is no secret. We have terrific students, dedicated educators, and engaged parents. Parental involvement has always been paramount to CCS students’ academic and extracurricular achievements. Each day, thousands of involved parents manage carpool, juggle calendars, help with homework, and communicate with teachers and staff when additional support is needed.

With digital tools, parents are more informed than ever, with access to check coursework materials, assignments, homework completion, and assessment scores. Gone are the days of crumpled-up homework assignments at the bottom of a backpack or parents hoping their student accurately informs them of the day’s lessons. Parents can check Canvas, PowerSchool, and the Instructional Resources page to stay on top of their student’s coursework and progress. Parents may also communicate quickly and easily with teachers via email, a phone call, or request a meeting. 

Parents not only have the right but are encouraged to take an active role in their student’s education. Carmel Clay Schools will never limit access to your student. However, safety precautions may be in place to restrict your access to other people’s students. With supervision expectations in place, we will continue to welcome parents and guardians to school performances, class parties, carwashes, volunteer opportunities, field trips, band practices, dances, and more.

School social workers notify parents and communicate patterns of behavior that may be harmful to students. The onsite therapy partnership with Ascension/St. Vincent, while often seen from an in-school referral, is private. Families may opt-in to share information with school staff or choose to remain confidential. 

Rumors and accusations are circulating that support an argument for increased parental involvement or a lack of transparency from Carmel Clay Schools. While we do not wish to lend them any legitimacy, there are those in the community with questions, unaware that often the same misinformation in Carmel is being spread across the nation. 

Carmel Clay Schools values and relies on the input of our families. Parents and caregivers provide important insight and opinions on matters including curriculum, PTO activities, increased recess times for elementary, and recently the district calendar and vacation days.

If families or the community have questions about our schools, we encourage you to reach out for answers. Our principals send home weekly newsletters, school board recaps are emailed bi-monthly, and all meetings are available to watch on our YouTube channel. The community can learn more about our academic programs, budget information, and find our entire staff directory online.