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Professional Development: Instructional Rounds


Instructional Rounds

Professional development grows skills, resources, and confidence for classroom teaching. Carmel Clay Schools is committed to professional development for our educators to best serve the students of our district. 

Instructional rounds are one method of professional development in our schools. This method is an industry standard in the medical field, adapted from the “rounds” seen in medical schools and teaching hospitals. While tailored to K-12 education, participants gain similar benefits of shared analysis, discussion, and problem-solving through group observations.

Carmel Clay Schools' collaboration between administration, teachers, and instructional coaches is a valuable and unique asset. Instructional rounds group various members together to provide their unique insights and perspective.

Rounds can vary from a brief 10-15 minutes to an entire instructional block of 45-60 minutes. Before the classroom visit, the group is primed to set clear expectations for the observation and provide a focused format for note-taking. These peer observations are non-evaluative and include a follow-up time to debrief. Observation time is structured and focused.

Recently at Smoky Row, teachers engaged in instructional rounds focused on the clarity and connection between the goals set for student learning and the tasks and activities taking place during the instructional block. Teachers observing and debriefing with their peers is a powerful and regular practice in our schools.