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CCS Develops "Science of Reading" Training Program

Did you know that the brain is not wired to learn how to read? In recent years, what we know about how the brain acquires the skill of reading has evolved. Brain research has shown that the neural connections required for reading do not exist in the preliterate brain. Because of this, almost all children require structured, explicit instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness in order to build the pathways that allow the brain to efficiently map speech to print. Some students will require more time and repetition to build these pathways in the brain. This is where our Reading Interventionist Team (K-5) and Special Educators (K-12) come in with their knowledge and expertise!

To support these amazing educators, our CCS Director of Curriculum Anne Arroyo and Director of Special Services Stephanie Fairchild have teamed together to design a year-long training program on the Science of Reading. According to the Reading League, “The Science of Reading is a vast, interdisciplinary body of scientifically-based research about reading and issues related to reading and writing.”

Science of Reading
Science of REading

Teachers attending this cohort, led by District Reading Specialists Tracy Hastings and Megan Schoff, are linking research to practice, learning how to best support and teach students who need additional support in learning how to become fluent readers with strong reading comprehension.   

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