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Tiny Home Offers Huge Experience


The Carmel High School Engineering & Technology department offers a hands-on approach to career-specific exploration while providing students authentic, real-world experiences. Students have opportunities to apply technical and practical knowledge while designing and building a variety of projects throughout the year.

Construction Trades Course A is just one of the multiple courses offered, with one of the largest outputs of all the production classes at CHS. Students who have previously completed Principles of Construction Trades are eligible to take the advanced course and spend the year building a tiny home! 

Students are involved with planning, designing, material purchasing, construction, and marketing of the tiny home. The tiny home is sold at the end of the year, and the profits return to the Engineering & Technology program. 

Engineering & Technology courses offer career pathways for those seeking dual college credit and future careers. Courses are also beneficial elective credits for students looking to expand their skillsets and receive hands-on experience during high school. All Project Lead the Way courses are fully weighted, and Aerospace Engineering counts for a science credit for all diplomas. 

Students can opt to take courses in construction, manufacturing, robotics, automotive services, and electronics to deepen their understanding of the science of engineering processes and design. Please visit the CHS Programs of Studies to learn about specific Engineering & Technology course offerings.

Engineering and Technology