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Work-Based Learning, Homegrown Experiences

Carmel High School senior, Clare Ehnes, is one busy Greyhound! As the co-head and CMO of the highly successful Carmel DECA chapter to a Pinnacle Yearbook editor, Clare is making the most of her opportunities at Carmel High School to gain valuable experience and leadership skills. Through the CHS Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program, Clare is able to grow her experience and apply her skills in the real world as a marketing intern with the City of Carmel. 

"The entire process of obtaining an internship has helped me prepare for my future career," commented Clare. "From fine-tuning my resume, preparing for my interview, writing a letter of interest, completing a lengthy interview, and then learning the everyday operations and tasks that come along with working for a government entity all have assisted me in being ready for my future."

Clare is an intern with the Community Relations and Economic Development department. Her position allows her hands-on experience with event planning, creative writing, social media management, and content creation - all while learning about local government and businesses in her hometown.

Clare Intern

"The city appreciates the continued partnership with Carmel Clay Schools," said Nancy Heck, Director of Community Relations & Economic Development. "We have truly enjoyed working with Clare. She has been a welcomed addition and helped us with various projects from event management at Meet Me on Main, social media content curation, helping to build the Midtown Block Party event from the ground up, as well as many other assignments throughout her time with the city. Having students work at the City of Carmel helps them gain a better understanding of how the city interacts with their everyday lives. It also allows them to see how they can create initiatives to help their community. It is helpful to have the perspective of an involved Carmel High School student as we build activities for the community to enjoy. The fresh viewpoint and ideas Clare brought to discussions helped rejuvenate some existing events and improve on plans for new ones."

The Work-Based Learning program is designed to help students gain experience while supporting their academic needs and requirements. 

"Mr. Reid (the CHS WBL Coordinator) worked with me weekly to direct me in the correct way to present myself and my accomplishments in the best way possible for this internship," said Clare. "This internship has challenged me in ways classroom learning could not. While using my skills in real-life situations I was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses more clearly. I had to learn to problem solve and then to ask for help when it was needed. I learned poise and professionalism in the work environment."

Please contact Chard Reid if you are a business owner or student interested in the Work-Based Learning program.