Attendance @ College Wood

All Carmel Clay Schools use School Dismissal Manager to report absences and late arrivals. 

Elementary schools also use School Dismissal to report changes to dismissal. All middle schools and high schools will also use the online system to report appointments during the school day. 

Using School Dismissal Manager is preferred to help manage absences and eliminate large quantities of calls to front desk staff. 

School Dismissal Manager

School Dismissal Manager

For pre-arranged absences of 2 consecutive days or more, please utilize School Dismissal Manger to report the absences. In addition, please complete the form below:

pre-arranged absence form

Note: Every student must be accounted for each morning.  If an absence or late arrival has not been reported, multiple steps must be taken by school staff to account for the whereabouts and safety of your child.  Absences or late arrivals may be reported any time of day prior to 8:00 am on the affected day.