Traffic Patterns

Bikers & Walkers

  • CWE does not promote walkers and bikers due to the very busy bus and car traffic around school in the morning and afternoon. 
  • Almost every CWE student is assigned a bus, we truly appreciate when students utilize this mode of transportation.

  • If you walk or bike, please use the sidewalk and do not cut through the bus lot. Walkers and bikers should enter through Door 1.

  • Bikers must walk their bikes while on school property.  

  • Bikes can be locked/placed near the K/1 playground in the bike rack.

  • If your student is a PM walker or biker, they will be released to leave CWE property once all buses have exited the lot. 

College Wood Elementary families should only use Shelborne Road to enter and exit school grounds. West Clay Elementary parents will use the 126th Street entrance when dropping off and picking up students.

CWE Carpool

Carpool Information

Morning Arrivals

  • Students may be dropped off at Door 1 starting at 7:15 a.m.

  • Drop off is one single file lane along the curb.

  • Please pull forward to the front of the line or directly behind the next vehicle.

  • Students should be ready to exit the car when the vehicle comes to a stop in the "drop off area." Please say goodbye as you are pulling up so the exit process is speedy.

  • Students must exit from the passenger side of the vehicle.   

  • Parents should remain in their vehicle.

  • Please do not pass or go around cars unless instructed to do so by staff. Remain in a single file line for student safety.

  • Students arriving after 7:45 a.m. are considered tardy. Parents should park in the front parking lot and walk students into the main office.

  • Please remember the line backs up the closer we get to 7:40 (arrival bell.)  Carpool begins at 7:15, we appreciate those who come earlier so it isn't a stressful start for your children.

Afternoon Dismissals

  • Parents may arrive for dismissal at 2:15 pm in the front parking lot.

  • Please form one single carpool line along the curb.

  • Display your carpool sign indicating your child’s first and last name.

  • Your child will be directed to your car by staff. 

  • Do not pass or go around cars unless directed to do so by staff. 

  • Drivers should put their vehicles in the park position when students are loading into vehicles.

  • On inclement weather days we use an alternate carpool dismissal procedure. Students will be kept inside until their car is in the loading zone.