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Welcome to Carmel Clay Schools, where a commitment to excellence and quality education shapes a thriving environment for learning and achievement. We invite you to explore and discover why we are proud to be recognized as a top school district in the nation, offering unparalleled opportunities for academic success and personal growth.

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Thank you for your interest in Carmel Clay Schools! 

Tours have been pre-scheduled at each of our schools. We apologize but we are unable to accommodate specific date requests. All attendees must register in advance. 

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We understand that starting at any new school can be a nerve-wracking time for families. However, please know that we are well-prepared and eager to welcome students at any time throughout the year. Tours are designed for families making future educational plans. Enrolled students will have new student orientation opportunities and should not sign up for a tour.

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One Carmel High School, Endless Possibilities

Carmel High School

The Carmel High School campus is a hub of unimaginable opportunities. Explore more than 25 Polytechnic career paths, delve into one of nine world languages, witness the cosmos in our planetarium, build a tiny house, manage a coffee shop, anchor a news program, and join one of our 27 bands, choirs, or orchestras and rehearse in our brand new performing arts wing. 

The size of our school is noticeable five times throughout the day: at the beginning, end, and during the hustle and bustle of passing periods. Every minute in between is spent in a supportive and challenging classroom community, lead by an inspiring educator, learning the skills and knowledge to prepare you for the future. 

The Freshman Center provides our youngest students a seamless transition to high school, a sense of community, and support to pursue a challenging curriculum. The Freshman Center facility has three floors, each nearly identical in structure. Freshman are teamed with their floor and have most of their academic classes in that area, as well as their locker. The Freshman Center also offers 9th-grade specific counselors, administration, nurse, and cafeteria. 

The Middle School Experience

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Building Community Through Teams

Academic teams are a fun and effective tool to develop relationships, support student growth, and foster school pride. As multiple elementary schools feed each of our middle schools, teams allow students to meet new people and make friends. Students are randomly divided into smaller teams that share teachers and a Core+ resource period. By teaming students, teachers are able to better coordinate schedules and support, while students grow friendships and school spirit. 

Exploring Passions with Electives

Middle school marks a pivotal period for students to delve into their interests through a variety of electives. We provide extensive opportunities for students to explore their passions in music, art, science, and world languages. These elective classes not only allow students to discover their interests but also aim to build a strong foundation of skills that will contribute to their continued learning and success in high school. 

  • World Languages: French, German, Spanish
  • Visual Arts: Art & Design, Drawing & Painting 
  • Technology: Coding, Computer Science, Flight & Space, Medical Detectives, Robotics, Design & Modeling
  • Communications: Yearbook
  • Music: Band, Orchestra, Choir, General Music

Elementary School - Beyond the Basics



At Carmel Clay elementary schools, we go beyond the fundamentals to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for your student. Our classrooms focus on cultivating strong literacy skills using the Fundations curriculum, grounded in the Science of Reading. In mathematics, students not only learn essential skills but also understand the underlying reasons behind problem-solving. Across our 11 elementary schools, dedicated certified teachers lead our specials of P.E., art, music, STEM, and media.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our students, each of our elementary schools have on staff:

  • School Nurse
  • Social Worker (at least one)
  • School Resource Officer

What truly sets our Carmel elementary schools apart is the unparalleled support and individual attention each learner receives. With a remarkable support staff of coaches, specialists, instructional assistants, and interventionists, we ensure that all students receive the personalized guidance needed to thrive

Commitment to Safety & Well-being



Carmel Clay Schools places the utmost priority on the safety and well-being of our students. Thanks to the unwavering support from our community, particularly through the Safety Referendum, we have been able to implement robust safety measures. Each building now benefits from the presence of at least one dedicated School Resource Officer - a specially trained Carmel Police Officer - committed to ensuring a secure environment.

In addition to physical safety, we recognize the importance of mental health support. Beyond our team of school-based counselors and social workers, we have partnered with Ascension St. Vincent to provide onsite mental health services. This collaboration enables students, with parent referrals, to access prompt and convenient mental health services.

At Carmel Clay Schools, we believe students are able to thrive academically when they are known, love, and appropriately challenged. Our focus on equity and inclusion, as well as Skills for Success, creates an environment where every student feels accepted and safe. Through this approach, we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also grow as responsible citizens capable of success in all facets of life.