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Celebrating 10 Years of Employee Wellness

Carmel Clay Schools Case Study

The Wellness Center is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of promoting comprehensive services for Carmel Clay Schools’ employees and families. The Wellness Center offers the resources to nurture physical health, mental well-being, and fitness for our employees and their families.


Located across the street from Carmel High School, the Wellness Center operates a medical office with physicians, mental health professionals, physical therapists, and dieticians. Employees and their dependents covered by CCS insurance use the facilities at no cost. The Fitness Center, complete with personal trainers and a state-of-the-art gym, is available for all employees at a minimal monthly or class fee.

One of the most significant achievements of the Wellness Center lies in its profound financial impact on the district. As Carmel Clay Schools operates on a self-funded insurance model, maintaining the health and wellness of its employees directly translates to substantial cost savings. Annually, the Wellness Center's interventions have resulted in savings amounting to millions of dollars, demonstrating the tangible benefits of investing in comprehensive employee well-being.

"We are immensely proud of the Wellness Center's impact on our employees and the district as a whole," stated Roger McMichael, Associate Superintendent at Carmel Clay Schools. "Our focus on employee wellbeing reflects our commitment to nurturing a healthy, thriving community. The financial savings generated through this initiative further highlight the importance of our investment in employee wellness."

Carmel Clay Schools is a destination district for families seeking a high-quality public school district and high-quality staff seeking a great work environment. The success of the Carmel Clay Schools Wellness Center serves as a testament to the district's forward-thinking approach to recruiting and retaining quality educators. 


Recently, an article published in the American Journal of Health Promotion featured Carmel Clay Schools Wellness Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Rosen Hotels & Resorts. The case study for CCS, Carmel Clay Schools: Bringing Lifestyle Medicine to the Classroom & the Community, showcases how a successful Wellness Program benefits the entire community. The article begins with a profound quote:

“The fuel of a nation's wealth is the health of its people. Not only must we lower the overall cost burden of sick care, we must reduce the very need for sick care. We must work towards a future where transformation…informs the creation of a true health ecosystem—an ecosystem of informed and self-directed well-being.” Robert Sundelius

The case study emphasized the savings, noting that “compared to the Price Waterhouse Coopers medical trend, Carmel Clay Schools is saving approximately $8 million annually on a $25 million healthcare budget.” 

Dr. Elisabeth Prosser is the lead physician and has immense pride in how the Wellness Center supports individual educators and the whole system. “Public school systems really are an important part of the backbone of communities. I love the fact we can support these teachers, administrators and all of the other employees who five or more days a week are just pouring their very best into the students. These individuals make a difference, not only in kids’ lives, but in the total community. I’m excited about being able to offer support to them, it’s just been a real privilege.” 

Carmel Clay Schools: Bringing Lifestyle Medicine to the Classroom & the Community.