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Empowering Women in Polytechnic: High School Senior Whitney Fung Leads the Way
Whitney Fung 3

Whitney Fung, a senior at Carmel High School, has become an example of success for young women pursuing careers in motorsports engineering. From tinkering with cars alongside her father to pursuing immersive experiences in automotive and engineering courses, Fung's journey showcases the importance of exploring one's passions and breaking gender barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Fung always shared her father’s love for cars, yet it wasn't until high school that she realized her hobby could become a fulfilling career. Embracing opportunities at Carmel High School, she delved into automotive and engineering courses, discovering her passion for motorsports engineering. Her dedication and aptitude for the subject earned her acceptance into an immersive motorsports seminar and a prestigious summer camp in Italy for aspiring motorsport engineers.

Fung's academic excellence extends beyond her polytechnic pursuits, earning her an Indiana Academic Honors diploma upon graduation in May. Notably, her favorite class outside the polytechnic department was AP Statistics, showcasing her well-rounded academic interests.

Whitney Fung

Next fall, Fung will attend Purdue University Indianapolis, the nation's sole university offering a bachelor's degree in motorsports engineering. Her extensive experience and unwavering passion have secured her a generous scholarship to pursue her interests.
However, before transitioning to university life, Fung is committed to empowering more women to enter motorsports. She urges aspiring female engineers to apply for the Della Penna Foundation's three-day program, an opportunity she credits fueling her ambitions. The program offers participants a chance to explore garages in Speedway, race at Fast Times, and engage with professional women, providing insights into potential career paths.

Applications for the Della Penna Foundation's three-day program are now open, offering a tuition-free opportunity for aspiring female engineers. Interested individuals can apply at Della Penna Foundation's official website.

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