Carmel Education Foundation loves working with teachers to strengthen the bridge between CEF and each CCS school community.  Members are nominated by their principal and will serve a 1-3 year term.  Any interested CCS teacher may contact their principal about nomination.  The goal is to have one representative from every elementary school, two from each middle school, and up to five from the high school.  The idea behind the council is to increase engagement with the foundation among the teachers, schools, and ultimately students.  The foundation is here to serve the CCS community and increased involvement will undoubtedly improve this reciprocal relationship.

If you are an interested CCS teacher, contact your principal about serving your school in this capacity.

TEC Ladder

2023-2024 COUNCIL

Carmel Elementary - Kristen Cannady

Carmel High School - 1. Molly Edwards / 2. Erica Combs

Carmel Middle School - 1. Lesley Karpiuk / 2. Emily Ehrgott /

 3. Sarah Awe

Cherry Tree Elementary - Brad Lantz

Clay Center Elementary - 1. Alicia Parent / 2. Cindy Meyer

Clay Middle School - 1. Jennifer Mehl / 2. Gretta Pote

College Wood Elementary - Tom Gerow

Creekside Middle School - 1. Mandy Floyd / 2. "to be announced"

Forest Dale Elementary - Jaime Robbins

Mohawk Trails Elementary - Kathleen Davis

Prairie Trace Elementary - Sara Harding

Smoky Row Elementary - Tammy Dillon

Towne Meadow Elementary - Carrie Tester

West Clay Elementary - Melissa Gaitsch

Woodbrook Elementary - Christine Daviduke

TEC Ladder