CEF Executive Director, Jenn Penix, CEF Office Coordinator, Jenny Redmon, and CEF Board Member Becky Kucharski were able to get a fun photo at JobSpark 2023 with Alexander Rossi who won the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 as a rookie in 2016. 

Alexander Rossi


JA JobSpark™ is a career and workforce ready initiative of Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana. This program connects thousands of area students to businesses and organizations in northern Indiana to "spark" their interest in careers and get them excited for their future. JA JobSpark provides the opportunity for students to learn about the skills needed for careers as well as the education or training necessary to achieve their career goals. JA JobSpark is an opportunity for area businesses and organizations to help build their future workforce!

The spring JA JobSpark Virtual Career Expo brings schools and industry professionals together through a fun, engaging, and interactive experience to inspire and educate young people regarding future career opportunities. Prior to the event, students participate in three short sessions that explore education and career pathways and prepare students for the virtual event. During the JA JobSpark Virtual event, students log in to the simulation with their school code at the established time. Utilizing aspects of gamification, students explore eight different industry clusters and learn about careers from our region through live industry cluster demonstrations, live industry Q&A's, on-the-job videos, and downloadable career information.

Vinisha Lodha (Creekside Middle School) - JA Student Ambassador & Emcee @ JA JobSpark, 2023

Vinisha Lodha
Vinisha Lodha

JA JobSpark 2023

JobSpark 2023 16

Board Member, Becky Kucharski, getting friendly at JobSpark. 

JobSpark 2023 15
JobSpark 2023 14
JobSpark 2023 13
JobSpark 2023 12
JobSpark 2023 11
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JobSpark 9
JobSpark 8
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JobSpark 2023 6

Creekside Middle School @ Jobspark 9/28/23

JobSpark 2023 5

Creekside Middle School @ Jobspark 9/28/23

JobSpark 2023 4
JobSpark 2023 3
JobSpark 2023 2
JobSpark 2023 1
JobSpark 2023

Creekside Middle School Teachers @ Jobspark 9/28/23