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The Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) is proud to support Carmel Clay Schools (CCS) students in academic achievement and lifelong learning. Recognizing that educators play a significant role in a student’s education, CEF invests in classroom grants that support innovation, enhance student achievement, and inspire student learning. 

CEF has a long history of providing grants

to carmel clay educators.

since 1966, CEF has invested over $1 Million

in grants to benefit CCS students.


Great Idea! Grants are awarded in the fall and spring semesters, with recipients generally having one school year to implement their projects.  Focus areas are featured each semester and vary depending on Carmel Clay School priorities, curriculum releases, or school improvement plan guidelines. Additionally, teachers are always encouraged to share their ideas for a "passion project". An element of grant reporting includes providing photos, videos, or other representation of the "grants in action". 

Are you curious about what Great Ideas have been implemented around the CCS district? Use the resource linked below to reach out to teachers who have implemented projects that sound interesting, springboard a new idea from what others have done, or ask to share resources received from a grant. These winning grant writers may also be great mentors for presenting your proposal!

Simple ways to use the data sheet: 
1. Search focus areas such as STEM, skills for success or wellness to generate your next great idea.
2. Search for projects that have been implemented in YOUR school to come up with new, innovative ideas. 
3. See what other CCS elementary or middle schools have implemented to see if any resources can be shared across the district. 
4. Or just peruse the list to see how big an impact each grant makes on our CCS students! 

CEF Grant directory
**Grant directory is a "view only" google sheet. Instructions on ways to filter or sort the spreadsheet are on the first tab of the document. The data for filtering or sorting is on the second tab. 

Interested in sponsoring a great idea?

Community partners may invest in a grant that pertains to their business, area of expertise, or interest (i.e. The Generous Company Grant for Excellence in STEM Education, or Edna Smith's Grant for the Love of Literature, etc.). 
For more information and related benefits, please contact Jennifer Penix,