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Spring 2021 Grant Awards

Carmel Education Foundation is pleased to announce the award of 33 “mini” grants this spring!

Grants have been awarded for innovative ideas that include an outdoor book club for middle school students, robotics kits for second graders, creative tools to teach probability, cases to display student artwork, and a variety of initiatives related to diversity education and inquiry. Twelve schools have received these mini grants, with funding up to $500 per grant.


Click on the link below to view a list of grant recipients,

their Great Idea, and the school where students will benefit. 

SprinG Grant Awards 


The CEF board of directors was committed to providing grants as a boost to the CCS community in a particularly challenging year.

Tara Ascioti, CEF grant chair, says she and the grant committee, comprised of CEF board and community members, “are thrilled to award these grants as a resource to support our students through creative classroom projects and teacher education.”

CEF Great Idea! Grants are funded through the generosity of Carmel community members who donate to the Foundation.